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You know that “winning” is all about building winning routines. SmartPlate® is your secret weapon against fierce competition. This unfair advantage is finally available for elite athletes.

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APP + food tracking device

SmartPlate® is a combination of 3 highly precise food scales matched with artificial intelligence and advanced food recognition technology. Together, this powerful tool gives top athletes complete control over their nutrition intake.

Know your numbers. Eat smarter.

For top coaches and their athletes

No guesstimating, no writing things down. SmartPlate®, combined with your expert analysis, allows your athletes to focus on their performance. All they have to do is pile on the food, and SmartPlate does all the rest.

Train smarter. Coach smarter.

Coach Smarter

Personalized nutrition,finally.

Personalized nutrition, finally.

You need individualized programming for EVERY athlete.

Your success as a coach is defined by knowing your athletes’ stats, how fast they fatigue, how well they recover, where their red line is. Here’s why:

• An athlete needs food as fuel to move with the greatest speed, power, and agility.
• The best workouts and training plans are useless if your athletes don't recover properly.
• Food has a profound impact on your athletes' performance and longevity.

The biggest challenges:




Most athletes underestimate their energy intake by 26%. Coaches need to monitor athletes remotely, off-season, on-the-go, and while they’re traveling.

The biggest challenges:
Personalized nutrition,finally.

The SmartPlate® system accurately tracks your playersʼ nutrition stats while they’re in training, remotely during the off-season, and anytime they’re on-the-go.

You know how massively important it is to track nutrition as athletes return from injury or during rehabilitation. Not only will SmartPlate® help bring them back to top form, it allows you to make adjustments to address injury prevention.

Your athletes will thank you.

The creators of SmartPlate® figured out a way to combine artificial intelligence with elegant hardware and predictive analytics to bring you the ONLY scientifically-validated platform that achieves nearly 99% nutrition accuracy.
is also the first remote monitoring device that can show you nutrient data in real time as your athletes are measuring their food. So you can intercept (pun intended) and give ‘em hell from anywhere in the world!

Personalized nutrition,finally.

In today’s athletic world, “guesstimating” isn’t good enough. The competition is just too fierce. But with razor-sharp nutrient monitoring and stable blood sugar levels, any athlete can:

Reduce inflammation

Prevent injuries

Recover faster

Optimize performance

Win more

And now more than ever, coaches need to monitor athletes remotely, off-season, on-the-go, and while they're traveling. But how?

Personalized nutrition,finally.

SmartPlate® predictive analytics

Brings you the ONLY scientifically validated platform that can achieve up to 99% nutrition accuracy.



than ALL calorie and carb
counting apps on the market!



SmartPlate® improves Registered Dietitian & Health Coach recommendations by 34 times!



than ALL calorie and carb
counting apps on the market!

Legendary Coaches SmartPlate®

Tony Robbins is the #1 User:

“Food is energy. What gets measured gets managed.”

Personalized nutrition,finally.

Happy Healthy Tribe

Happy Healthy Tribe

Totally armed with info

“This app has been lifechanging for me, a type 2 diabetic who HATES the time it takes to calculate everything I eat. I set the calories goal. I set the macronutrients and weight loss goals. This app tracks it all pretty painlessly”

Tony Robbins

A helping hand

“It's a great app. I've been using it consistently for about 3 months now to keep track of my macronutrients, and as a health nut, it's extremely useful and convenient. You don't need to do the math for your calories, this app does it. Even if you’re eating out, it has almost every medium to big franchise's nutrition information.”

Tony Robbins

Love love love!

“It’s been such a pleasure to use this app versus the other manual trackers. Super easy with the image recognition being able to recognize various ingredients at once! To be honest, it needs some improvements but they seem to be minor. Loving the carbs by meal program. Super accurate!!!”

Tony Robbins