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What You Get
SmartPlate Device (reg.$149)

3 Highly Precise Food Scales Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2 Sets of SmartPlate Trays (Dishwasher & Microwave Safe)

1 Tray Holder with "To Go" Lid

Weight Management

Easy Fat Loss

Maintaine Physique

Gain Muscle

SmartPlate App

Picture Recognition of Over 1,500 Foods

Recognizes Multiple Foods At Once

Scans Over 1 Million Packaged Food Barcodes

SmartPlate PRO Membership
Up to 5 Users

Personalized Recipes & Meal Plans for:

Keto diet

Custom macros

Low Carbs

Improve Performance

Weight Management




and more!

Restaurant Menu Feature

database of over 90% of all US restaurant chains!

Works with Apple Health, WHOOP, FitBit, and more coming!
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