The SmartPlate System

Our SmartPlate device is specially designed and fitted with 3 highly precise food scales that allow you to place and weigh 3 different types of foods in your meal!

Building healthy eating habits is easier than ever. With the SmartPlate app, track calories and macros by photo, by barcode or by choosing from over 300,000 meals in our ever-growing restaurant database.

Not sure what to eat? Let SmartCoach recommend meals and recipes to fit your plan, preferences, and goals. Yes, even when dining at your favorite restaurant. This mighty little chatbot even alerts you before a meal puts your nutrition plan at risk.

AI-Powered App for your fitness

A Personal Nutritionist in your Pocket!

Once you've placed your meal on your SmartPlate, simply take a photo of your plate via our SmartPlate app and you'll get ALL the nutrition information with up to 99% accuracy. 🎯

Feature Packed

What you'll love about
The SmartPlate App:

Over 1,500 Foods Recognized by Picture

The SmartPlate app is able to automatically recognize up to 1,500 different foods!

Recognize Multiple Foods at Once

Snap a photo of your meal with our app and tada! All your different foods are recognized instantly, like magic!

Personalized Recipes and Meal Plans for:

Keto Diet, Blood Glucose Control, Plant-based Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Custom Macros, Low Carb, Diabetes Management and more!

Scan Up to 1 Million Food Barcodes

Our SmartPlate app is able to scan up to 1 MILLION BARCODES to extract the most accurate data from your food for you!

2-Way Chat with Health Coach

You'll be able to have a secure 2-way chat with your health coach via the SmartPlate app!

Seamless App Integration

Integrate with Apple Health (WHOOP, Fitbit, MFP, other integrations coming soon!)

Not restricted to home meals only

Unlike other food tracking apps that are limited to tracking home meals only, our nutrition tracking system helps you to eat healthily and smartly. With SmartPlate for portion control, receive all the nutritional details about the food from a restaurant, friend’s party, or anywhere else.


You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this app along with SmartPlate for portion control for weight loss. We have the most user-friendly food tracking system - From tracking food to following a diet plan, everything is easy and seamless.

No More Guessing

In Fact, SmartPlate® is 👇

More Accurate

Than ALL calorie and carb counting apps! And all able to be done in less than 5 seconds!

Better Recommendations

SmartPlate® Improves registered dietitian & health coach recommendations


SmartPlate® is SUPER EASY, automatic, and takes less than 5 seconds to log a meal!

No More Inaccurate apps

No More Manual Tracking

No More Boring Food Journaling

Custom Macros

Don't leave anything to chance. Your nutrition must be on point at all times. That's why you get good results: the precision with which you track your macros.

Weight Management

Are you spending hours in the gym with nothing to show for it? Your nutrition strategy might be the reason. It is easy to "out-eat" the exercise you're doing. Track your food.

Improve Performance

Master your nutrition, so you can perform, recover, compete, and repeat. Take the guesswork out of training. SmartPlate is for athletes who eat smarter to train harder. SIGN ME UP!

Take control, and track your food with no effort.

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