Boost Immuntity Against Viruses

Wrong food portions = higher risk of viral infections

SmartPlate® keeps your carbs in check so you can balance your blood sugar, build immunity, and fight viruses all day long.

Diets don’t work. SmartPlate®  does.

SmartPlate® is the world's first intelligent portion control device + nutrition tracking app. This powerful combination of three weight scales and an AI-powered app, allows you to automatically weight and identify up to three separate foods in less than 5 seconds.

SmartPlate ® is a lifestyle you can easily make happen.

With SmartPlate ®, you can eat ALL the foods you love. No more, no less - just the right amount!

Enjoy the foods you love

Effortlessly lose weight

Your Personal Nutritionist®

Easy • Fast • Accurate

Track meals within 5 seconds

Food is medicine and it has the power to transform your life.
You’re 5 seconds away from experiencing it for yourself.

SmartPlate® tracks your food intake with up to 99% accuracy

SmartPlate® is great for:


get into ketosis faster, stay under 50 grams carbs


no more over and understanding carbs

Low carb

get into ketosis faster, stay under 50 grams carbs

In fact, SmartPlate is



than ALL calorie and carb
counting appson the market!



SmartPlate® improves Registered Dietitian & Health Coach recommendations by 34 times!



than ALL calorie and carb
counting apps on the market!

App + food tracking device

SmartPlate® is a combination of 3 highly precise food scales matched with artificial intelligence and advanced food recognition technology. Together, this powerful tool gives top you complete control over your nutrition intake.

Know your numbers. Eat smarter.

The creators of SmartPlate® figured out a way to combine artificial intelligence with elegant hardware and predictive analytics to bring you the ONLY scientifically-validated platform that achieves nearly 99% nutrition accuracy.

Food is information. Food is energy.

Food plays a vital role in our immune system,
the ability to keep us healthy. 

Know your numbers. Eat smarter.

Boost Immuntity Against Viruses

Wrong food portions = higher risk of viral infections

Purchase SmartPlate®device

Download your new favorite app :)

Track and enjoy your food

Boost Immuntity Against Viruses

Wrong food portions = higher risk of viral infections






For only $29/ month, you'll get:

- 1 SmartPlate® device (three scales)

- 2 sets of three SmartPlate® trays

- 1 tray holder with “to go” lid

- PRO App subscription

- Portion control management

- Recomendations powered by AI

- Precise Macronutrient Tracker

- Personalized meals/ recipes

When it comes to our loved ones, what’s the one thing that truly matters?

Their Health

Let them know you believe in them. Send them SmartPlate® that will help them get the health transformation this year.

Give the gift of health

Personalized nutrition,finally.


Love Us

100+ RD’s & Nutritionists recommend us to their clients Thousands have already pre-ordered!

Happy Healthy Tribe

Happy Healthy Tribe

Totally armed with info

“This app has been lifechanging for me, a type 2 diabetic who HATES the time it takes to calculate everything I eat. I set the calories goal. I set the macronutrients and weight loss goals. This app tracks it all pretty painlessly”

Tony Robbins

A helping hand

“It's a great app. I've been using it consistently for about 3 months now to keep track of my macronutrients, and as a health nut, it's extremely useful and convenient. You don't need to do the math for your calories, this app does it. Even if you’re eating out, it has almost every medium to big franchise's nutrition information.”

Tony Robbins

Love love love!

“It’s been such a pleasure to use this app versus the other manual trackers. Super easy with the image recognition being able to recognize various ingredients at once! To be honest, it needs some improvements but they seem to be minor. Loving the carbs by meal program. Super accurate!!!”

Tony Robbins

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