How To Make Calorie Counting Easier?[Infographic]

April 1, 2022

Counting calories is one of the most effective ways to track your nutrition. Many studies suggest that most people consume calories more than they think and that’s the truth bomb they won’t appreaciate getting dropped. 

Most of us also carry an amount of self-deception in calculating calories we may have burned during the exercise. Therefore, the whole game of "calories in" and "calories out" can become hectic if you unknowingly make inaccurate calculations. It may even defeat our purpose of achieving specific health goals!

Tracking the calories every now and then sounds like a tedious task. But before you throw your hands up, and say, "I give up on dieting.", we have some tips to make calorie counting fun and easy for you.

The Science Behind Counting Calories

Firstly, you need to realize that not all calories are created EQUAL. For instance, diets low on carbohydrates and high on protein yield more significant weight loss than other quantities of protein and carbs. If we assumed that every calorie in food is the same, it would have been impossible to see weight-loss differences in individuals who eat the same calories with different types of food.

"Not only are they not created equal, but some calories that we receive from certain fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens are far superior in micronutrients and phytonutrients that are essential for our health." Says Anthony Ortiz, the creator of SmartPlate. 

Many experts suggest that the process of breaking down food and storing that as fat or using that as energy is super complex. It simply doesn't reside in restricting calories. Therefore, individuals must limit calories that are likely to be stored as fat, for example, refined carbohydrates. Hence, you must consider a varied diet rich in whole foods to keep yourself healthy and lose weight effectively.

To put in  easy words, Calorie counting is the process of weighing the amount of energy of a food item that a person consumes.

This quantum of energy is measured in calories and tracks the excess calorie intake that could be harmful for your health. Okay, now that sounds like a lot of food science. Allow us to break it down for you.

Tracking the number of excess calories let’s you understand your eating patterns. People tend to measure their calorie intake to reduce weight and modify their fitness levels to attain a particular body type. However, they are not aware that calorie counting can help keep track of their health and reduce potential body fat. It aids the identification of eating patterns disorders and provides a prior intimation of any health disease or side effects that could be fatal in the long run. 

Calorie counting lets you know the amount of food you should eat in a day and keep a tab on how much you must avoid. Let us understand how one can simplify this process.

Do You Feel Calorie Counting A Waste Of Time? Think Again.

Does calorie counting actually work? Of course, it does! Calorie counting indeed works and helps you with calorie intake. It is effective in losing weight and maintaining a perfectly healthy body in the long term. However, there are multiple "asks" for the process that resonates with your goal of calorie counting. People who haven't had any food or eating disorders could work this out, providing they comply with precise dietary tracking on a routine basis. 

The primary way to count calories would be to look at the pack of food you're consuming and keep a note of the calories contribution. However, with technological advancement, you can leave this onto digital calorie-tracking apps that could surprisingly untangle this complex measuring process. (yes, you can easily track your calories and fit in the dress that’s been sitting in your cupboard for so long ;) )

Note: People with eating disorders, body image issues or women who are pregnant, should always consult medical practitioners before using any sort of calorie tracker. They will be guided more peculiarly as a medical practitioner would know their health history and advise on what’s best for them.

Food Psychology: Understanding The Evolution Of Food & Diet.

The regular diet of people across the globe has drastically changed from eating more fauna to shifting towards a much more healthy vegetarian diet. It happened because of the irregularities of different sorts of food availability, price changes, and the disposable income of the people. Over the years, food consumption transposed because of global economic development. Talking about just the United States, the average diet of an American native changed and increased for more artificial glucose items, cheese, and meat. 

The remarkable change came because of certain factors, such as people's dietary choices in the modern time, where they are bound to meet their routine commitments. Also, the taste of the food items bettered substantially with numerous revelations of production techniques, farming, food preservation procedures, etc.

Why Should You Track Your Food? 

Keeping a tab on your food eating habits is a way to avoid getting prone to diseases. It helps you identify what you're eating and realize the aspects of proper eating. The more accurate insights you pen down, the better you know what sort of food items are beneficial for your body. Since people tend to identify food disorders and things they are allergic to, keeping an eye on your food intake works well to take accountability for your health and establish a well-built, good body shape.

How To Count Calories Without Hating Your Life?

(The hack most people are looking for!)

Practically, one can find various suggestions and tips over the internet to count their calories intake. 

  • One good way is to measure your total servings of the food you consume daily, add them up, and pin them down. 
  • Another workaround is finding calorie counting books and guides with a precise list of calories, carbs, and vitamins for different food items, such as aerated drinks, packaged foods, the type of oil you use, etc.
  • Furthermore, to make the process simpler and comprehensive, you must realize that not being perfect for this imperfect process- measurements and tracking could be unparalleled sometimes; however, a rough figure on the board could be helpful too.

Why Do Humans Underestimate How Much They Eat And Overestimate How Much They Exercise?

The not-so-ordinary lifestyle of people tends to interfere with their health and fitness levels. When people are busy with their routine schedules, they fail to give importance to any physical activity or the type and amount of food they consume. Resulting in unhealthy waistlines and worked out bodies!

In workplaces, most people enjoy binging on calorie-loaded junk food that makes them prone to obesity and other diseases and takes them away from better and more refined sources of nutrients. Because of different life processes and commitments, people divert their minds from going for a job or taking a 15-minutes yoga session in the morning.

Reading Nutrition Labels Is Hard! Try A Calorie Tracker App. 

Yes! It is an absolute pleasure to use a Calorie tracker app available for different operating platforms. It is surprisingly beneficial because these apps let you bring significant changes to your body health and size by reducing, gaining, or maintaining weight aptly. You can change your diet based on the insights from the tracker application and shift to a high-protein or carbohydrate-driven meal. Along with the tangible advantages that they bring, such apps have also proven to be an excellent alternative for fitness motivation. With a simple user-interface experience, you can get access to a nutritional diet plan that helps you achieve your fitness goals in no time!

SmartPlate: Your go-to tracker app that aids your calorie counting in a blink of an eye. Know the exact amount of calories, carbs, and vitamins you intake after each meal, and keep a tab on an excess of anything daily. We provide you with an application that allows you to slow down or pace up your diet with accurate results in a short period. Do it fast and in the right way- Get SmartPlate today!

Take control, and track your food with no effort.

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